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Computer Vision

Welcome to the Computer Vision Group of the University of Siegen (previously known as the Visual Scene Analysis Group). The group is headed by Prof. Michael Möller. On this website, you can find information about the group members, our courses, publications, final thesis, and open positions. 



The Computer Vision Group conducts research in the field of mathematical image processing, computer vision, and machine learning with a special focus on ways to combine machine learning and energy minimization methods. In this context we are interested in provable deep learning as well as optimization techniques such as convex relaxations or functional lifting, and work on (nonlinear) multiscale methods. Please visit our publications page to find out more about our recent research. 


Bachelor or Master Thesis

Feel free to contact me at michael.moeller@uni-siegen.de if you are interested in writing your Bachelor or Master thesis in the field of image processing or computer vision! We have several exciting topics, which usually are dealing with basic research and often focus on the mathematical analysis of machine learning or computer vision problems. Furthermore, we have contacts to industrial partners, e.g. to the automotive industry such as adptiv (https://www.aptiv.com/) in Wuppertal. Please contact me for further details.